Monday, July 18, 2016

Itovi Scan

I did the Itovi scan today, and it listed that i have 123 imbalance biopoints. Apa tu? Senang cerita, it scans for my emotional, physical frequency and tells me which part needs adjustments. 

Badan kita ni ada frekuensi tertentu dan ada bacaannya yang menentukan kita OK atau kurang OK. To put things into perspective, death begins at 25MHz. Normal brains resonates at 72MHz, geniuses at 90MHz. If your body frequency go low to 57-60MHz, you will easily fall sick. 

Maka, resultnya tadi mengatakan saya perlu guna Believe, Wintergreen (yeas, i have issues with my aching body) dan Sulfurzyme. It is good to do the scan so u know exactly what your body needs. Tak payah berteka teki dan try membabi buta ikut rasa. :))


If u are already a member with Team Scentsibility, you can do the Itovi Scan for free in July. Contact the person who added you here to know how.