Thursday, December 8, 2016

2nd ITOVI Scan result

This morning, i apply Surrender EO, again, because it appeared in my ITOVi scan report yesterday.

When i first did my ITOVi scan in July, the reports suggested oils that are for physical issues like wintergreen, aroma siez etc. I have to admit my physical body was in bad state during that time. I just gave birth in March. I had back pain and neck pain probably due to breastfeeding position. Slowly, with the usage of Essential Oils, exercises, proper food and sleep, my health is restored, biidhnillah.

Yesterday, i did the scanning again and suprisingly, the oils suggested were Surrender, Envision, Motivation, Transformation and Rose among others. These oils mostly provide powerful support and balance to the emotions that is necessary for me to move forward with renewed faith in the future toward achieving my dreams and goals.

Hmm, seems to me that i need to prepare myself for something better and greater next year. Inshaa Allah.

Wrapping up 2016, i am almost debt free. I need to pay the last 1k to my debtor. Business wise, Team Scentsibility  is growing steadily (and strong) Alhamdulillah.

So Gold next year? Inshaa Allah. :)


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